Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's been a while

Once upon a time, I created this blog as an escape from reality, which I shortly left. I then returned to normal (public blog) for some time only to be mocked and made fun of by a less supporting family. So I am back, to vent about that family.

If you understood the mother I had/have growing up, you would probably think I turned out pretty well for myself. I'm not the type to go all ape shit on people. I am much more of a passive, keep in all in until I can go home and write it in my journal type of gal. The thing about journals is that there is a writen documentation of your feelings that is easily accessable when someone wants to go snooping and it can accidentally get inthe wrongs hands.. can you tell that this has happened? I need the outlet! I need the venting mechanism to deal with the insane cycle I constantly battle with "HER".

The story that has let me back is for another day. Don't worry, there will be many days and many occasions to write about.

What I do want to mention this fine evening is that despite my psychological imperfections, that is what we will call then for now, I am a pretty happy go lucky person who loves being a mother! We all just need a place to go to let the shit out!